About Elongate

Bridging AI and Blockchain for a Secure Future.

Our vision is to redefine Telegram's security level, pioneering the future of digital communication. Powered by advanced AI capabilities, our Elongate Security Portal bot is more than just a token – it's a movement towards a safer, smarter digital landscape.

Elongate, an innovative token on the Ethereum chain, is set to revolutionize security and AI chatbot functionalities on Telegram. Leveraging cutting-edge blockchain technology and artificial intelligence, Elongate aims to strengthen security on the popular communication platform, protecting users' conversations from potential threats.

Our upcoming Elongate Security Portal bot offers a whole new level of safety, ensuring your digital communications remain private and secure. Beyond security, Elongate transforms the AI chatbot experience, ensuring seamless, intelligent interactions. Join the Elongate revolution to experience the ultimate synthesis of AI and blockchain technology.

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Elongate unique

Advanced AI Chatbot

Transforming Digital Interaction.

Security Portal Bot

Ushering in a New Era of Telegram Security.

Revolutionizing Telegram

Driving Privacy and Protection with Elongate.

Ethereum-Based Token

Leveraging Blockchain for Enhanced Security.

Token Information

Here’s what you need to know about Elongate Token

The strategic blueprint of our blockchain innovation. Our carefully designed token model upholds both scalability and sustainability, ensuring robust value creation for our community.

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  • Blockchain

  • Total Supply

    1'000'000'000 Tokens
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    Buy 2% / Sell 2%
Road Map

The Journey of

Phase 1
Ideation and Strategy

- Defining the vision and mission of the Elongate token
- Identifying key features and benefits of the token and AI chatbot utility
- Developing the initial business and tokenomic models
- Establishing strategic project timelines and resource allocations

Phase 2
Development Preparation

- Assembling the technical and advisory team
- Setting up development infrastructure and technology stack
- Designing the Elongate token and AI Chatbot architecture
- Initiating a detailed security and risk assessments

Phase 3
Token and AI Chatbot Development

- Coding and testing the Elongate token on the Ethereum blockchain
- Developing AI Chatbot capabilities, ensuring seamless and intelligent user interaction
- Integrating the Elongate token with the AI chatbot
- Conducting iterative testing and refinements, with a focus on security and user experience

Phase 4
Beta Testing and Refinement

- Deploying the Elongate token and AI chatbot on testnet
- Soliciting beta testers to provide real-world testing scenarios and feedback
- Iterating and refining the system based on feedback
- Enhancing system security and performance

Phase 5
Launch Preparation

- Developing and executing a comprehensive marketing and PR strategy
- Setting up community channels for communication and feedback (Telegram, Discord, Reddit, etc.)
- Establishing partnerships for broader utility and adoption of the Elongate token
- Preparing for DEX listing(s)

Phase 6
Token and Utility Launch

- Deploying the Elongate token on the Ethereum mainnet
- Launching the AI Chatbot utility, integrated with the Elongate token
- Starting the token sale
- Collecting user feedback for continuous improvements and additional features